About Us

Franklin Square is a 4.4 acre park located at Bryant and 17th streets, situated near the convergence of the Mission, Potrero Hill and SOMA districts. It includes a popular artificial turf soccer field and a brand new state of the art playground.

Friends of Franklin Square is a non-profit, community based, an apolitical organization with the purpose of creating a safe and attractive park enjoyable by a diverse group of neighborhood park users. We believe in the importance of open green space in our neighborhood and the contribution of the park to the quality of our lives. We all share the common vision of a thriving park that connects SOMA, Potrero Hill and the Mission and brings neighbors of all walks of life together for a common goal.

Friends of Franklin Square are working closely with other non-profit organizations like the Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC), as well as merchant associations and local businesses to coordinate efforts and provide a united front for interactions with the city for planning, businesses and community members for fundraising, and with neighbors for activities in the park.